Design Considerations

Design Considerations

We suggest that your pellet system be designed with a vertical rise. This is not a requirement but will help the stove to vent combustion products in the case of a power failure.

Keeping the horizontal run and number of elbows to a minimum will reduce the cost of your installation and improve performance.

Although not required we recommend that terminations be installed 12” away from the wall to reduce the potential for smoke staining on outside walls.

Do not install a vent smaller in diameter than the flue outlet on the stove.

The EXCELPellet installation instructions (available from your dealer or on our web site) have drawings of typical installations and detailed installation information.

EXCELPellet is manufactured using specialized machinery which makes it possible to maintain strict tolerances between components. This precision permits the use of a factory installed silicone gasket and eliminates the need for field application of silicone.

This unique factory installed silicone rubber gasket solves two major pellet venting problems:

  • The gasket seals perfectly so there is no need for sealant application in the field. This speeds up installation, simplifies clean up, facilitates painting and eliminates callbacks.
  • Not only do all parts assemble easily, they can be disassembled and reassembled just as easily making routine maintenance much easier.

EXCELPellet has a smooth attractive Galvalume steel exterior. Galvalume is corrosion resistant and requires very little preparation for painting.

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