Tight fitting and easy to install... Why didn’t someone think of that before?

EXCELDirect® features:

  • The easiest to install in the industry
  • The most leak free system available
  • A smooth and clean appearance, looks like stove pipe

It is designed to be the easiest to assemble direct vent available. EXCELDirect® has the industry’s first flared casing design for simple push together assembly. Pushing two pieces together completely seals the joint and three self tapping screws solidify the assembly.

It also has a laser welded inner flue made of stainless steel. Stainless steel is very resistant to corrosion and sturdy enough to remain round under distress. This ensures that when two lengths are assembled they are completely sealed, unlike aluminum which can easily get out of round and will then leak.

The outer casing of our painted lengths is constructed of satin coat steel. Satin coat is attractive and durable when painted. EXCELDirect® is painted with Forrest “Stove Bright” premium quality, high temperature paint to provide a rich appearance that makes it look just like stove pipe for a woodstove.

EXCELDirect® non-painted lengths have a laser welded galvalume steel outer casing. The primary applications for galvalume are automotive and metal building cladding. It is much more corrosion resistant than galvanized and is designed to be easily painted.

Thanks to the push together assembly of EXCELDirect® there are no unsightly tabs or markings on the exterior. When a system is assembled, it is smooth by design and very aesthetically pleasing.

EXCELDirect® is certified to UL 2112 by INTERTEK testing services and Warnock Hersey.

EXCELDirect® is designed for use with 4” x 7" & 5” x 8" direct vent gas appliances


Lengths (DL)


Vinyl Siding Standoff (VSS)

Coaxial to Collinear Appliance Adapter (CAA)

Type A Chimney Adapter (CA6, CA7, CA8)

Restrictor Disk (4RD)

Co-linear Termination Adapter (CTA, CTA4)

Masonry Adapter (MA)

Masonry Termination Adapter (MTA)

Flex Liner Connector (CFAA3, CFAA4)

Tees and elbows

Elbows 45° and 90° (DE)

Slip Elbow (DE90S, DE90SB)


Square Support / Radiation Shield (SS)

Round Support / Radiation Shield (RDS)

Trim Ring – Trim Plate - Black (TR; TP)

Adjustable Wall Support (WS)

Offset Support (OS)


Insert Vertical Termination (IVT)

Horizontal Termination (HT)

Snorkel Termination (ST14, ST36)

Horizontal Termination Kit (HTK)

Traditional Co-linear Chimney Cap (CT3, CT4)

Small Vertical Termination (SVT)

REDESIGNED Universal Flashing for Traditional Cap (CTF)

REDESIGNED Clay Tile Flashing for Traditional Cap (CTFC)

NEW Round Horizontal Termination (RHT)

Prefab Chimney Top Adapter (IVTP)

Wind / Rain Shield (SVTS, CTS)

Wall thimbles

Insulated Wall Thimble (WT)

Wall Thimble Extension (WTE)


Universal Flashing for IVT (MFR)

Masonry Chimney Flashing (MF)

Adjustable Flashing (F; FA; FB)

Universal Storm Collar (SC)

Metal Roof Flashing Adapter (MFA)

Clay Tile Flashing for IVT (MFC)


Attic Radiation Shield / Firestop (AS)

Ceiling Support / Firestop (CS)

NEW Wind / Heat Shield for Horizontal Termination (HTS)

NEW Wind / Heat Shield for Round Horizontal Termination (RHTS)

NEW EXCELDirect Parts for Masonry Installations

NEW Aluminum Flex Kits (ALK)

NEW Aluminum Flex Kit (ALT)

NEW Masonry Chimney Conversion Kit (ALC4)

NEW Aluminum Flex Roll (AL)